Happy Thrifty (Birthday!) Thoughts-Part Two

Hi friends!  As promised, here is the second installment of my birthday thrifting and antiquing adventures.  Try not to swoon too much...!
(And in case you missed part one, you can view it here!)

Here comes what some of you have probably been waiting for: gratuitous photographs of Pyrex!
I'm not going to say we've had a Pyrex drought around here-because we haven't-but we've had a bit of a rare Pyrex drought.  There are those rare pieces I never expect to find when we're out hunting: New Dots bowls, fridgies of any sort, Balloons (!), turquoise or pink, and red or yellow hostess bowls.
Right. Three of those items above fall in that rare category!  

The amazing 2 quart turquoise baking dish was admittedly a lot more than we normally pay for Pyrex.  It was in an antique store, a bit dingy.  But honestly, in all of the thrifting we have done I have only ever seen one other large, oblong baking dish; and I bought it.  It was brown, which is just fine, but it's certainly not turquoise!!!  I asked if the booth owner ever gives a repeat customer discount since we purchased a pristine set of pink Pyrex dishes from her last year, and we got a meager $2.50 off the price, bringing it down to $22.50.  But it is totally worth it!

The little Balloons bowl...I don't even have to say anything other than it was marked at $7.50 (what?!) and was 20% off.   Yes, yes we did purchase a Balloons bowl for six dollars...who cares that it has a few silverware marks!?

The red hostess dish, while missing it's lid, is one of those things we rarely see and if we do, it's dishwashered to oblivion and no longer has any color or shine-bravo to boyfriend for unearthing this little gem!  For six dollars it was a decent deal that I was skipping and jumping about in the middle of the thrift store!

In fact...
...I was so excited that I was compelled to pose for a photograph with it right then and there.

The little yellow 401, primary green 404 (one of those released on it's own), and Butterfly Gold 404 were all priced between one and four dollars...not too shabby!

Boyfriend actually found this other solo-release primary red 404 mixing bowl a week or so ago on one of his thrift stops...she's a bit flea-bitten but I can tell by the stamp on the bottom that she's oooold so we'll let her off the hook.
Those other two pieces aren't anything new but big red just looked so cute sitting on top, don't you think?!
(And yes...that is an almost clean Pink Daisy dish you see there...!)

Hopefully I didn't cause anyone to keel over with colorful vintage delight with all of that!  I know every time I walk by my now crowded kitchen table it is rather difficult not to keel over myself...

I hope you have a lovely, kitschy day!


  1. Isn't it such fun to get all that Pyrex at once and then just stare at it..... You really hit the motherlode of Pyrex!!! Nice!!

  2. I'm still sort of in shock by the sheer mass of it all...yikes! :)

  3. What a great haul! Happy Birthday!

    If you ask me $22 for an aqua baker is a steal!

  4. HAPPY birthday indeed!
    I'm kinda dying over the Balloons bowl!!!

  5. The birthday gods were smiling upon you. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous of all your Pyrex goodness. Well done!

  6. Yes, indeed those Pyrex Gods were smiling down on you!! You really did hit the mother lode!! I love love that aqua baker, and of course, the balloons bowl!! Heck, I love all of it!! Happy Birthday!!

  7. Wowza! Great finds! I especially love that red hostess bowl, there is just something about those that makes me SO happy. : )

    Happy belated birthday to you!



  8. DROOLING INDEED!! I don't have a hostess bowl yet and REALLY wish I could find one. What great luck you had!! :)


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