Having a Field Day

Hi friends! Today happens to be a very special day: my thirtieth birthday.  Knowing that as of 10:35am this morning I began my thirty-first year, my fourth decade, and my official adult phase of life was sort of surreal...but at the same time I must say that thirty feels just about the same as sixteen.  In some ways I suppose that's a good thing, no?

Since my birthday falls on a week day I am staying at home and doing as little work as I can possibly get away with before I start to feel too guilty about wasting a good day of knitting (working on Wisteria Wraps for craft show inventory!)  A secretive dinner plan is in order, I'm already wearing my fancy birthday outfit, and I may or may not sample a bit of homemade butterscotch pudding we made over the weekend (more on that later...) But I thought I would at least stop in to share a handful of gorgeous photographs boyfriend so kindly snapped for me yesterday.  We spent the weekend thrifting, antiquing, and driving to some of my favorite places to visit and somewhere along the way we found ourselves in a magical, lush river valley with just the prettiest fields.

Sometimes it's fun to get out of the car and play for awhile...


I'll be back with the thrifty spoils of my weekend once these birthday festivities are over...



  1. Happy 30th Anna, may you have a wonderful year! :)

  2. Wonderful photos, Anna! Wishing you a very Happy 30th Birthday, and a decade that's even better than the previous one!

  3. Ah, thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes! They totally made my day. :D


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