Magical Things

Just when I begin to think things are getting a wee bit out of control in Victory Garden Yarn land, magical things begin to happen.
Magical things like the internet suddenly and inexplicably working when before it was not.
Magical things like greasy, grumbly, grime being lifted off a pretty pink Pyrex with almost no effort on my part.
Magical things like suddenly finding I need a photograph of myself, lurking through my files, deciding I am quite sick of seeing myself bundled up like an eskimo in Winter trying to keep warm, and very easily and quickly conveying to boyfriend exactly how I want some Summery new photos to look-without any bickering.  
(Okay, well, without too much bickering!)
Magical things like setting up said photo shoot to feature a bit of knitting al fresco, or en plein air if you prefer it in those words, and quite liking the end results, if I do say.

Magical things like receiving emails you never expected to receive, promptly sending a reply, and promptly getting some incredibly good that is causing me to hold my breath for a few weeks longer until I can actually see the result with mine own two eyes!  Then I shall share this incredibly magical thing I speak of...

But for now, I do hope you all have a magical weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Lovely photo! Looks very summery indeed.

    And congrats on getting some good news - can't wait to hear what it is!


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