My Instant Life

Disclaimer: this will not become one of those blogs that only posts Instagrams. I promise. Just crossed my heart. Don't hope to die. But I do solemnly swear this will not be the case.
I do, however, completely enjoy having a fancy new phone with Instagram capability. Mostly because I don't always have my camera with me but I do always have my phone with me. And it is rather fun to take snapshots of otherwise boring moments of my day when all I've been doing is work work working, put a fun little filter on it, and make it a bit more exciting.
So here you have my recent weeks in Instagram form:

Made Granny Hoops; tagged Granny Hoops; got started on some Skipjack Cowl crochet...

Dog and house sat at Molly Ringwald the Dog's house; dog and house sat at Henry the Wonderdoodle's house; had one afternoon of overlapping dog sitting and organized a very exciting doggie playdate...

Ordered 52 pounds of yarn to get me through upcoming craft shows and Etsy commerce; continued working on Skipjack Cowls; started to get scared about the amount of cowls that now live in this tiny apartment...

Boyfriend ate some corn; I got the official Victory Garden Yarn sheep tags ready to go; and then I misplaced my couch, for it had been eaten by cowls...88 to be exact.

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  1. Instagram name is monogirl. I'm off to follow you now...

  2. Wish I had an iPhone so badly, mostly because of Instagram. I still occasionally edit photos I took with that on my iPod, but it's not the same. *sigh*

  3. Love these! But I am glad that VGY won't become all iPhone all the time. : )



  4. Hey anna!! I'm your newest follower-your blog is so fun! Love all the yarn and goodies-keep it up!! :)

  5. so cute! one of the only things that draws me to the iphone is its camera and good camera apps! my Palm has one good camera app, but these are so super cute!

  6. i wish that i had an iphone :( makes me sad sometimes...

  7. Oh wow, thanks for all the awesome comments people! So glad you enjoyed my little Instagram post...maybe I'll make it a monthly event when I purge my phone of photos! :)


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