Wednesday Women 8.10.11

 Confession: these ladies are not members of my fine family.  
I know that is the whole idea of my little Wednesday Women posts, to share lovely old photographs and expound upon the inspirational females from my family.   But while these two ladies are far from being my relatives, they do hold a special place in my heart.  Not just because they are wearing the most fetching of head adornments, and certainly not just because I'd like to steal the adorable shoes off their feet, and of course not just because they appear to be two fantastically tough cookies (look at that sass there on the left!).

No, these two ladies hold a special place in my heart because I rescued them from a bin, in a lonely old antique store, in Greece.   Yes, Greece.
Long ago, 2002 to be exact, I was fortunate enough to be presented with the amazing opportunity to spend six weeks in Greece with a motley crew of art students-to study ancient Greek art, ceramics, history, and religion; to swim to my heart's content in warm, buoyant waters and bright sunshine; and to receive credit for it all toward my decidedly non-artistic major of choice: religious studies.
In ancient Greece it all went hand in hand, so.

On one balmy afternoon in a cramped antique store in some little town in some remote part of Greece through which we happened to be travelling, I came across a bin of photos, some with markings on the back, most just forgotten faces staring back at me.  I sifted through the bin wondering where all these faces ended up. Were they travellers like me, and somehow their photograph ended up staying in Greece while their lives did not?  Or were they proud Greek citizens-perhaps two Greek ladies standing in front of their family abode, all dressed up to attend a party?

I certainly did not know, but I decided they were to come home with me, to become a part of my cherished collection of old photographs and to become one of my favorite souvenirs from a magical Summer abroad.


  1. Glad you rescued this photo- it's wonderful! Wonder when it was taken?

  2. Isn't is amazing!? I love these two ladies. :D
    I'm guessing the 1920's or 1930's? Just based on the dropped waistlines and cloches...


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