Wednesday Women 8.24.11

Hello friends!  Please meet one Mister Alfred Melvin (A.M.) Sharp and one Mrs. Tennessee Sharp.
Otherwise known as my paternal great-grandfather and great-grandmother, 'Papa and Granny' for short.
(I'm thinking that my first born will have to be named Tennessee, girl or boy, because that has to be one of the most amazing names I've ever heard in my life!)
I'm guessing that this photograph was taken sometime in the 1940's, judging by Tenny's downright sturdy and proper shoes.
They owned and operated a gas station/grocery store/food counter in the tiny town of Dibble, Oklahoma, just south of Oklahoma City.  The calico-aproned Tenny whipped up delicious Okie fare like deviled eggs and potato salad for the intrepid and hungry travelers who passed by their food counter; A.M. ran the gas station part of things.

When asking my mother what tales had been passed down about Tenny, she said the one thing everyone always mentioned was that she was quite a little firecracker.
If this photograph tells me anything, it is most definitely that she was a firecracker.  Just look at her!

Have any of you unearthed any amazing old family photographs lately?  Do tell!

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