Wednesday Women 8.3.11

Hi friends!  I do apologize for the fact that it might not still be Wednesday in some parts of the world, although here on the West coast I do still have a bit of time-and even some light still left in the sky!

This here is my paternal grandmother, who you have seen only once before, in a most garish getup of the 1970's sort.  This, however, is the image I have of her in my mind-even though this photograph was taken a good forty years before I was even a thought in anyone's brain.
But her glasses, her perfectly coiffed bun, modest blouse and pleated skirt, and even a little bow to finish the whole thing off-that is how I remember her.  Not much changed in her style between the 1940's and the 1980's...I think there is really something to be said for staying true to one's own personal style, even though the clothes around you might be a-changin'.

I thought this photograph appropriate for today because I recently found out I am soon travelling (a birthday present for me!) to attend a rather large automobile show and family gathering with people who also come from this here lovely lady.
But I also find this photograph appropriate for the day because as I type this little blog post for you all, I am actually sitting in my own automobile, outside our tiny local library branch, laptop on lap, connected to the library's free wi-fi because our home internet has gone on the fritz and most likely won't be fixed until next week.

While having no internet feels like the end of the world as I know it, in the meantime I think I'll just coif my hair, tie a bow around my neck, and pretend it's the 1940's again.  Because really, why not?

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