Wednesday Women 8.31.11

On this Wednesday evening I thought I would share another one of those lonely old photographs I once rescued in a pokey little antique store in Greece so many moons ago.
When I was idly sifting through that old box and happened to pick out this particular photograph, what immediately struck me was the sheer joy in the faces of these two lovebirds.  How could one not pause and smile at this mirthful little scene?

In my mind, it is their wedding day; she in her traditional wedding clothing, adorned with all her family's fine jewels; he in his finest suit, hair coiffed, shoes shined.
I imagine they are shyly standing in front of their new little love nest, family and friends prompting them to pose for a photo to remember the happy occasion.
She is giving him a sly smile because she just can't stand the embarrassment of it all and he is giving a great big belly laugh because he thinks the whole scene is completely ludicrous.

The goats, however, obviously have more pressing matters to deal with; like getting down to business and taking care of that trash pile...


  1. Beautiful - what a difference from today's extravagant and excessive weddings!! Love it!

  2. Love this one! They remind me of a greek verison of Lucy & Ricky!

  3. I love what you thought up :) I also love how there are goats in the picture. Do you usually collect photographs?

    Belly B :)

  4. Ah, Lucy and Ricky, BRILLIANT! I love that. ;)

    Belly B: I have appointed myself 'keeper of the family photographs' in my family because I am utterly obsessed with old photographs! But sometimes I just can't help but snap up quirky old photos at thrifts or elsewhere if one happens to strike my fancy. ;)


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