Busy as a Bee

Good morning friends!  I woke up this cloudy, cool, grey morning and realized that three weeks from today I will be packing up my car and driving South to Portland for the first ever Urban Folk Art Show!  Over the last few days I have thrown my energy into completing all the projects, large and small, that I have had on my arm-long list of things to do before my trip.
My fancy new booth setup has arrived after being slightly delayed by all of the extreme flooding on the East Coast.  I haven't actually seen it yet since the shipment is so large that it had to be delivered to boyfriend's office; but he assures me it is safe and sound and ready for me to come do a test setup next week!
Yesterday I ordered fabric covers for my new booth walls in the most gorgeous shade of light grey (so pretty!); the final element of my super top secret booth project I've been working on all Summer is finally here; and a trip to Ikea was made last week for a few bits and bobbles of booth fun.
And in between all of that I have somehow managed to squeeze in a good bit of knitting and crocheting so I will have as many things as humanly possible to take with me to the show!

One thing I have been desperately wanting to do for my customers is offer my accessories in a wider array of colors!  One of my new pieces, which will be previewed at the show(!), lends itself to customization and there is no possible way on this beautiful green and blue earth that I could work up every color combination to take with me.  So I am so pleased to show to you all little snippets of some color cards I have been working on non-stop, morning 'til late night, for the past two days.

I am by no means a graphic designer--haven't the patience for elaborate photo-editing or illustration programs--but lately have become a big fan of using Picnik.  It took me the better part of a day to set up what I wanted and then re-doing most of it yesterday morning, but all of my effort and tearing-out-of-hair was completely worth all my troubles!  I printed, laminated, punched, and threaded a whole stack of these little color cards yesterday evening and I must say: I can't stop looking at them!  The yarn ends just need to be trimmed up into neat little rows and then I will be done!
Now any lovely people shopping at my booth will be able to, say, pick a Wisteria Wrap in a completely different color than what they see knit up in front of them, place an order, and receive it in a few weeks' time.  Or they can customize my secret new two-toned design and pick whatever colors they want!
It takes an immense amount of pressure off of me but also gives my customers so many more options!

What does this mean for anyone who cannot attend the Urban Folk Art Show?  Well, after I get back to my tiny apartment and unpack my wares, I shall be doing a little shop update and offering up all my women's accessories in twenty-four gorgeous colors!

And then photographing my new design...
And then photographing a few other new things...
And then sourcing some materials for something else...
And then...and then...
I'd best get back to work here or that to-do list will become as long as I am tall!

I do hope you are all having a happy start to your Fall.  I can certainly feel the changing of the seasons here what with the bite in the air and the marine layer making an appearance over the last few days!

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  1. The color cards are a great idea! I hope that they do well both at the show and on Etsy.


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