Happy Thrifty Thoughts - The Print Edition

Hello friends!  Two weekends ago boyfriend and I realized the neighborhood where we were house-sitting was located dangerously close to one of our favorite thrift circuits.  We both thought of a great many things we could do to occupy our time on a grey Saturday, but the temptation was just too much!
And since the two very excited canines we were watching happen to rise at four in the morning-every morning-we actually managed to get out of the house and along our merry way in time to hit almost all of the stops on our circuit!
We found a whole mess of pretty things, one of which is completely amazing and deserves its very own post (soon soon, once we refurbish it a bit!), but today I'm sharing some printed matter we unearthed.

Yum!  I can't decide if I should make the mocha-cinnamon or the spice poundcake first!

Someday, somehow, somewhere, I will have my very own studio-and this will be the first thing to be framed and hung on the wall!

Please note the Michelin Man swimming the channel: he caused a very jolly laugh attack in a very quiet corner of a reading room in a thrift.  That is all.

I LOVE finding vintage knitting pamphlets!  Especially when I can gather inspiration from them for my work.

 And the piece de resistance: International Preference, by Spinnerin.  
I...I have no words.  Other than: this is a truly amazing vintage pattern book! Every photo is fabulously cheesy, the ladies and gents are styled to a tee, the garments are ridiculous (in the best way possible) and I kind of want to make them all....whenever I decide to give myself a vacation.

What have you all been finding at the thrifts lately?!


  1. Are you sure we're not related? I'm obsessed with vintage cookbooks!

  2. If I had more room I would buy all the vintage cookbooks I find! I DID make the spice poundcake in the McCall's book I snagged: MMM! ;)

  3. Visiting from FTLOB. I vote for the spice poundcake - and see from your comment you made it. Looks great! I love checking out thrift stores; so much fun. I've been cleaning out my grandparent's house and finding some real treasures. A recent find (on my blog) is three hats from the 1950s. score!


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