Happy Thrifty Thoughts

Oh friends, I really was just going along my merry way to buy a few lengths of ribbon for a project...honest!
My steering wheel was inexplicably twisted toward a thrift and neither boyfriend nor I could argue with where our compass was pointing.
At least not all of those pretty Pyrex mugs are new; just the two blue hues, courtesy of boyfriend's sharp eyes.  And the crazy, professional, heavy-duty Land Cameras were also boyfriend's happy find!
I quickly spied, nabbed, clutched, and protected those two little paint-by-numbers with my life, as there were many hip and fashionable thrift shoppers mulling about in the frame corner.  We have so many paint-by-numbers hiding behind furniture, waiting for the day when we have more walls to fill, but these are the first we have ever found in person!  Boyfriend usually nabs them for a song on everyone's favorite internet auction site...

What did you find at the thrifts this weekend?!


  1. Did you find those beauties at your friendly Ballard Goodwill? I saw two strikingly simiar cameras there last week but purchased two glass canning jars instead. A 1/2 gallon Ball jar, and a mini Le Parfait bailing wire jar. Oh thrift, how I love thee.

  2. Haven't had luck lately over here on the east coast :( ... I did find some very fall footwear that I just couldn't live without.

    ♥ those paint by numbers :)

  3. I'm obsessed with PBN at the moment too!

  4. i have yet to add any paint by numbers in my collection....i might have to be on the lookout now :) i only had luck with a dress....a very lovely yellow dress.


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