Sometimes it is good to completely stop the world spinning around you, spend an hour plucking up and rolling round bits and lengths of yarn, make neat piles of color that splatter across the only remaining free space left in your life, sit down amongst it on the floor of your hot, stuffy, crowded apartment with nothing but the sound of the fan to keep you company, and try to figure out what to do with it all.

In the case of yesterday, I did just that: cleared my head, surveyed the scene, and jumped right in.  It felt really good.

 With the Winter craft show season fast approaching, I have been on a little hamster wheel of planning, ordering, knitting, spray-painting, crocheting, designing, printing, organizing, researching and list-making; all while trying to keep my creativity flowing.

So to finally get a small moment yesterday to sit down surrounded by my neat little piles of yarn and simply make something felt incredibly good.  I always have little ideas floating around in my head but I never seem to be in the right mindset to approach them.  One pressure I've been facing is that I've been wanting to figure out something to do with all the little scraps that are generated at the end of a knit or crocheted piece.  I always snip the end, weave in a bit, then throw whatever was left into a bin on a shelf.  Waste not, want not, no?
After recently making 88 Skipjacks, 10 Wisteria Wraps, and 13 somethings-new, that scrap bin barely fits onto the shelf anymore!
...and I still need to keep making more...

 So I am very happy to report that the scraps have been sorted.  The kitchen table has been turned into a temporary surface of complete color and Pyrex amazingness.  And I am rather excited about what I came up with.  The idea lends itself to so many variations and I haven't even had a chance to explore them all yet!  But I assure you that you will be seeing a little preview very soon...
I am a very very happy little lady.

I do hope you all have a creative and inspiring weekend!  I know I will!

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  1. Those colors are all sooo gorgeous.

    Yes, Beecher's Mac and Cheese...what on earth do they put in it, crack? Seriously? I am tempted to try the recipe but I know it will be nowhere near as good!

    I can imagine that mac and cheese getting many a Seattleite through many a long winter!!!

    By the way, I just adore your city :) I hope to come back so soon!


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