Hi friends! Just popping in after a frighteningly productive Labor Day Weekend here in Victory Garden Yarn Land.  Boyfriend and I spent our three days working (me), fishing (he), and tidying & trying to make space for ourselves in our poor, tiny, yarn-covered apartment (we).

The countdown has officially begun for craft show season: four weeks until I tootle on down to Hillsboro, Oregon for the inaugural Urban Folk Art showI am so excited! There are oodles and gobs of things on my lengthy to-do list, not to mention I have a few new pieces to finalize before next month rolls around.  And I finally took the plunge and invested in a fancy but life-changing craft booth setup.  I absolutely cannot wait for October 7th when I get to set it all up and see my new little travelling flagship store!  If it looks anything like how I see it in my head, I will simply be over the moon!  My dream is to infuse my space with elements of my blog, my apartment, and the world I happen to live in (color! photos! quirk!), so my customers can get a more personal feel when they step into my 10x10 world of yarn and coziness.
Did I mention I am excited?!

All of that excitement aside, here are a few snapshots of our laborious weekend.  I hope you all had a good one, too; work or play!

After an amazing brunch of strawberry and honey-butter covered pancakes, we finally managed to find homes for all of my happy thrifty birthday finds!  Our kitchen table has been reclaimed for use!

Boyfriend had a hankering to fish and I was in work mode, so we transported my office to the beach so we could spend the last few hours of our three day weekend together in the glorious sunshine!  I had to giggle when I saw that the (new!) piece I happened to bring with me matched the beach oh-so-perfectly.

Anna: Catch me a salmon!
Boyfriend: Ugh, yeah, I'm TRYING!

A small wildfire in the Olympic Mountains made for a rather vibrant sunset.  Gorgeousness!

I'm off to get elbow-deep in yarn and continue the march toward my first craft show of the season!  I do hope you are all having a lovely and productive start to your week.


  1. It looks like an awesome weekend! Best of luck getting ready for your show.

  2. Lovely weekend! You know I'm loving the Pyrex in action shots. ;)


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