Wednesday Women 9.7.11

Hi friends!  Say hello to my mother as an adorable little babe-in-arms!  She recently provided me with a selection of old family photographs of her choosing, along with a little anecdote to go along with each.
She paused for a bit when looking at this poor, wrinkled, crooked, and torn photo and said do you know who that is?
I paused and muttered and shook my head in a firm no I don't, and she giggled.
She proceeded to tell me that the sweet little one in the photo was indeed her, and that if I peered closer, I might see a sweet bit of crochet on her head and feet.
And of course that sweet bit of crochet wasn't just any old bit of crochet, oh no: those booties and bonnet were crocheted by a long-gone and long-distance relative of my Portuguese great-grandmother, living on an Azores Island, and shipped across the ocean to arrive just in time for this photo to be taken.

Apparently picking up hook and needle runs in the family, tee hee!

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