Wednesday Women - I Want Your Photographs!

A vintage family photograph.  Such a tangible reminder of who we are and where we come from.  Faces, features, landscapes, automobiles.  Voyages, stories, heartache, happiness.  I find all of these things in the steady gazes looking out at me when I dig deep into my family's photographic past; and I share them with you every week with a story, a giggle, a remembrance, or just a passing observation.

Now I want to extend my weekly Wednesday Women posts to all of you good people out there and feature your vintage family photographs and stories!

Call your mom, email your aunt, write a letter to your grandfather: find those favorite vintage family photographs featuring an inspirational woman, ask questions, dig deep; unearth a story perhaps you never knew!

To be a part of Wednesday Women, please send the following to
*A good quality scan of your favorite vintage family photograph featuring an inspirational woman (or a man, sometimes I just can't resist!).  It's best if you just scan the photo and send me the unedited scan so I can crop and re-size the photo to best fit the post!
*Tell me a story.  Tell me why you love this photograph.  The clothes?  The subject?  A tidbit of history about the setting or the lovely lady?  How much you love that amazing vintage outfit or kitschy kitchen?  Get emotional or keep it simple-that's the beauty of this!  Just share how your photograph makes you feel.
(Click here to view some of my recent Wednesday Women posts if you'd like some examples!)
 *Please include your name, the correct link to your blog/shop so I can give you proper credit, and your email address (email will not be shared).

A few things to remember:
*Please make sure the photograph is from the 1970's or earlier-otherwise it's not really vintage!
*Please do not send me a photograph you found and copied off the internet.  This is a personal exploration of physical photographs you have a connection to.  I have featured vintage photographs of people I am not related to, but I own the photograph for a reason: because I like something about it!
*Most importantly: have fun with this!

Don't worry, your photograph is safe with me and I will not use it for anything other than a Wednesday Women feature!

I am absolutely captivated by old photographs and I love sharing mine with you, so I can't wait to see & share all of your amazing photographs and accompanying stories with the world!

Because if we don't explore the threads of our past, how ever are we to approach our future?

P.S.: Don't worry, I haven't run out of photographs (Ha! I can hear my mom laughing two states away-she has trunks full of 'em!) so I will still be featuring photographs from my personal collection right alongside all of yours!


Hi friends! Thank you for lingering in my Victory Garden, I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here!

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