Autumn in the City

Two weekends ago boyfriend and I did a bit of a dog sit for one of our favorite canines, Molly Ringwald The Dog-affectionately known as The Beanball.  She's a super mellow sweetie pie, although her long legs and thick neck sure do make people jump off the sidewalk and get right out of her way when you're taking her for a stroll!

Boyfriend and I took advantage of a crisp, sunny afternoon to set out with Miss Molly on a quest for caffeine and we stumbled upon a few pretty Autumnal sights along the way.
I suppose you East Coasters out there might think you have a monopoly on Fall color but I have to say, the short window of bright leaves we have on the West Coast is quite stunning!  I think what I like the most about Autumn in the Northwest is the sharp contrast between the evergreen trees and the deciduous-such a gorgeous landscape!

Here are a few snapshots from our walk!

Wherever you are, I do hope you are enjoying the season in your own corner of the world.

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  1. The East Coast is definitely not the only part of the country with gorgeous autumn weather. Beautiful photos!


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