He's Crafty (and just my type)

I'll admit it: I don't sew.  My mother gave me a lovely little sewing machine for my nineteenth birthday and while I was completely ecstatic and started daydreaming about all of the lovely things I could whip up with it, I honestly have no idea how to use the thing.  I have tried, once or twice, and the experience was less than perfect.  I think the result was tears and the sudden urge to toss the thing out the window.

So imagine my surprise and relief many moons ago when I needed a seam stitched up, to see boyfriend raise his hand and volunteer to sew it up for me...on my machine...no tears involved.
This is (one of the many reasons) why I keep him around: not just the surprising sewing machine skills, but for keeping me sane when I have the sudden urge to burst into tears and throw things out windows.
And for that I thank him.

You will note a teensy glimpse of a faded striped sheet in his hands above-my little craft show booth will now have curtains to close when it is time to tuck it in and leave for the night!  I will rest a bit easier knowing prying eyes can't just look over and view the entire contents of my booth when I am not there; now those eyes will see a faded combination of avocado green stripes, butterflies, trees, and orange poppies!
Vintage sheets+man power=funky circus curtains!

I'm off to continue organizing and packing the contents of my booth, make a few small somethings new, and start loading up my car with bags and bags of cowls, wraps, and hoops-Thursday morning is travel morning, eep!

Stay crafty,

**If you happen to be in the Portland, Oregon area this weekend, I would be ever so happy if you stopped by my booth at the inaugural Urban Folk Art Show!  Come say hi!**

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  1. So sweet to have a bf that sews! That must really come in handy. :D


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