Introducing: The Snowdrop Cowl! (And a Coupon!)

Hello friends!  I am so very pleased to introduce you all to the newest piece in the Victory Garden Yarn line of cozy Winter accessories: The Snowdrop Cowl!
Colorful, cozy, drapey, squishy, really big, incredibly warm, stylish, and completely customizable, The Snowdrop Cowl is my new favorite thing!

I dreamed up this design earlier in the year when I tagged along with boyfriend to Chicago while he was on a business trip.  It was a freezing February day, I decided to go on an urban hike (7 miles, anyone remember that?!), snow on the ground, sun out, wind howling.
While my cozy Wisteria Wrap was more than efficient at keeping me toasty all wrapped around my head and neck, I kept getting frustrated with having to re-adjust it over my head and knit hat every time a cold gust of wind would blow-especially since I was continually juggling my purse, water bottle, camera, and phone (Google maps-can't leave home without it!).  So I thought, well hey, I should really work on a design that I can wear around my neck when I want, but be able to easily pull up over my head and, in a sense, convert to a hat when I really need it.
And be able to remain hands free while snapping photographs!

Taking my idea a step further, I really wanted to incorporate chunky stripes into the design while still keeping the feel of the piece warm, romantic, and squishy-not too bold and graphic as stripes can sometimes be.
I am quite in love with what I came up with!

So what's in a name?  While trying on and wearing my prototype around the house one afternoon, I kept looking in the mirror and thinking I looked like a delicate little bell-shaped flower.  Somewhere in the Rolodex that is my brain, the word Snowdrop flew out, through my fingers, and into an image search.
 Lo and behold, there was a photo of a delicate, Winter-blooming, bell-shaped flower...a Snowdrop!

The best part about my newest accessory is that the color choice is completely up to you.  I have photographed and suggested a few of my favorite color pairings, but the color possibilities are endless!
And for those who prefer one big block of color, I can certainly make The Snowdrop Cowl in a solid color as well.

The even better part is that to celebrate the release of my new cowl, I am giving customers 20% off anything from Victory Garden Yarn through the end of October!  Including the new Snowdrop Cowl!
Just use code SNOWDROP at checkout to receive your 20% off.

So happy it is finally cowls & cozies weather!


  1. Beautiful design! I hope that it does well this fall/winter. Thanks for sharing the story behind it.

  2. Love it! I would love to get one. I'll have to check my finances.




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