Kind of a Big Deal.

Oh friends, I have the bestest of news to share!  A bit tardy, yes, but infinitely cool nonetheless.
Sometime in the past two weeks I came home from a round of last-minute craft-show-prep errands, armloads of reusable shopping bags-full of fancy binder clips and my latest batch of library materials-making it difficult to get into my building.  Even more difficult was fumbling my tiny mailbox key into my tiny mailbox lock.

The next thing I knew, my arms were free of the aforementioned reusable shopping bags, my person was crouched on the floor of my teensy building lobby (mumbling, I might add), my hands were (delicately) ripping apart an air-mailed envelope, and I was frantically flipping through gorgeously textured and vibrantly colored pages... find this!!!
People. That is me! That's my hoop! Those are my hands! Boyfriend took that picture!  
Not just in print, but in a snappy new magazine from the UK--Mollie Makes--all about living a handcrafted life.  I still haven't even had a chance to sit down and pore over all of the glorious pages, but the pages I have glimpsed contain gobs of inspiration, thrifty finds, handcrafted goodies I will most certainly be adding to my holiday wish list, new blogs to read...basically a whole lot of crafty goodness.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?  Brilliant-they're calling me BRILLIANT.

I hear you may be still be able to find this particular issue (No. 5) at a Barnes & Noble near you, but if you can't and still want to read any Mollie Makes issues, you can purchase current and back issues digitally!  I'm a paper and print kind of gal who absolutely refuses to purchase books or magazines digitally, so I am incredibly thankful that someone in Mollie Makes land was kind enough to send me a copy!

Oh, and if anyone in the Seattle area can find a copy of this locally, can you let me know?!  My mom, of course, wants a copy of her very own.  Tee hee!

I'm off to continue doing a gargantuan happy dance!


  1. Amazing news!! I am so happy for you, you're a famous crafter!! You must be over the moon. :)

  2. I bought my issue last week. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! Happy dance vibes are coming your way from way down here...can you feel them?!! :)

  4. Congratulations! How exciting! You're not now known as the Crazy Lady in Apt. XX, are you? And did you remember to pick all your stuff up of the floor and get it into your pad?

  5. How exciting!!! *victory dance in the victory garden*!! :)


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