My Instant Life 10.6.11

Evening friends!  The Victory Garden Yarn travelling flagship store has safely made its way South to the lovely state of Oregon, through driving rain and blustery winds, glistening sunbreaks and marshmallow clouds, ready for the Urban Folk Art Show this weekend!
Tomorrow brings a leisurely day to learn the ins and outs of my new booth setup, a chance to fuss and play around with merchandising (one of my most favorite things) and the first evening of the craft show!
I thought it only appropriate to sit down and share a few instant snapshots of the long road it has taken me to get here:

The journey of a new cowl: making, washing, weaving.

Sorting the scraps...whatever came of all those little balls of yarn, hmmm?

Signing, stamping, crocheting...

...morning, afternoon, and night.

I am really, truly, completely, and utterly excited for this weekend to begin; craft shows always involve a lot of hard work, sleepy mornings, and sore feet, but they also bring new people, exciting adventures, and a lot of fun!
See you after the show!


  1. I'm so excited for you, Anna. Have a GREAT show!!!

  2. Exciting! Can't wait to hear how it went!




    cough...did I really just do that??? um. oopsies. Sorry.

    So I saw your feature post on FTLOB...and I read that you live in a tiny apartment filled with LOTS of vintage pyrex. mind = blowwwwwn! well, not blown, but ecstatic that someone else finds the stuff as awesome as I do!

    and I don't even have what you could call a "collection" going yet! but still. okay. still. in love. totes keeping up with your blog. yeah..

    oh, and your yarn is pretty too! (waith, what..???) (That was my really lame attempt at pretending to possess more than a one track mind..bahaha.)

    okay, leaving you alone now....

    much love!

    ruthanne with an e

  4. I love all that yarn in these photos. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

  5. Hi there! I can't wait to hear about the folk craft show from you as a vendor there! I may be bold enough next year...since I am a Portander. :) Have fun!

  6. Hello from FTLOB! Your blog is so cute!

  7. with all that hard work your to get ready for the show. I must say it paid of well. I really enjoyed visiting your booth!


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