Urban Folk Art Recap!

Hi friends!  Wow, I finally managed to carve out a small piece of time to crack open my computer and catch up on all of the things that have been happening while I was in Oregon at the Urban Folk Art Show! (And a lot of things have been happening!)

Unfortunately, the show was...um...how shall I word this...a complete bust?  It really saddens me to say that, but after putting in SO much hard work to prepare for what I thought was going to be a crackerjack show, the results were rather dismal and I still have an angry little rain cloud hovering above my head.
The location was bad, the attendance was bad, the venue was bad.
Just a whole lot of bad.

Not being one to want that angry little rain cloud hovering above my head for very long, I tried incredibly hard to focus on all of the positive points of this show.

Positive point #1: I got to spend some quality time with my mom!  We fussed with the booth, I picked her brain about some fuzzy details on new items I've been working on, and we ended up having a lot of fun.

Positive point #2: I finally got to set up my fancy pants new booth walls! And I love them.  I already wrote down some tweaks I want to make to my basic set-up, but having more surface area to display hoops and hang product is way really super duper incredible.
Plus it's just plain cute.

Positive point #3:  Not really having any customers to talk to meant I got to waltz around and chit chat with some really amazing fellow vendors.  Since we were all in the same empty boat together, a lot of conversations about other craft shows happened and I have a list of some lucrative sounding show circuits to check out!

Positive point #4:  I actually managed to fit my entire booth setup, all my product, an overnight bag, computer bag, my mom, and myself into my car and I could still see out all of the windows! This was the litmus test for December when I will be travelling from state to state, show to show, with quite a bit more product in tow...

 Positive point #5:  Last weekend was the first time my cushy new cowl design was let out of the house...let's just say I was a bit nervous!  It's so funny when I make something new; I like it but is anyone else going to?  But I have to say, even with really poor attendance, all of the people who walked up to squish the new cowl between their fingers and try it on were really in to it.  We're photographing it this weekend and it will be in the shop very soon!

 Positive point #6:  Since I sold next to nothing (...ugh, okay, still not over that part...) that means I have far less to make in preparation for the month of December, when things will start getting a little crazy around here!
Why so crazy?

Positive point #7:  Because: while setting up the booth last Friday, I received a very exciting email telling me I was accepted into Portland's Crafty Wonderland show on December 10th and 11th!  A whole passel of my fellow vendors were also accepted (most of them from the Portland area) so I am rather looking forward to hunting them down in December and saying hello!  And a few of them are even doing the exact same 3 week holiday show circuit I'll be on so that's even more exciting!
(Urban Craft in Seattle-Crafty Wonderland in Portland-Renegade Craft in San Francisco. Like, whoa.)

I like to look at negative experiences as learning experiences and after this experience I feel like I am now primed and ready to tackle three large, busy shows in a row.  If I can survive the month of December, I'm pretty sure I can survive anything!

I'm off to plan a very productive weekend-hopefully I'll have some pretty photos of my newest cowl to share with you by next week!


  1. Anna! Your booth looks AMAZING!!! I cannot wait to see it in person at the Urban Crap Uprising:) Sorry to hear about the crappy turnout, however it sounds like it was a great practice run for the new booth. Congrats on the Wonderland entry!!

  2. Love the green knit on the mannequin head!! What is that?

  3. Aw, thanks for the love ladies!

    Sara: I have the new cowl in JUUUST your colors! Can't wait for you to see it-I think you'll want it!

    Ashley: That's my Wisteria Wrap in Grass! It's giant and you can do a bizillion things with it-like wrap it around your head if it's freezing!

  4. Way to accentuate the positive, girl! I was considering going and now glad I didn't..not that I have enough inventory...you have a huge lot of goods! Beautiful work, I am just sure your December will be fabulous!

  5. Great looking set-up and definite positive spin on the whole situation. I have not participated in a show since the eighties when I was still a teen and there is usually no rhyme or reason this kind of frustration. I am sure the circuit will be a rip-roaring success!

  6. Sorry to hear the show was a bust, take comfort in the fact that your booth looks amazing! It's very eye catching and will probably draw people like crazy. (When there are people to draw.)

  7. So sorry that this last show was such a bust! Your booth looks amazing, though, and I'm glad that you were able to find some positives from the experience. Your December show line up will be killer!

  8. Even though you consider it a "bust" I think it is amazing that you are doing what you love and chasing your dreams! I'm trying to summon the courage to do the same myself!

    My mom goes to a craft fair in Sacramento every single fall. I used to love going with her...there were so many wonderful artisans! Maybe it was just this particular showing that things weren't good. Your products are absolutely beautiful...so don't get discouraged!


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