Happy Thrifty Thoughts * Pyrex Party!

Hello friends!  Today's Happy Thrifty Thoughts are all about a Pyrex Party! Sophie Isobel of the incredibly cute blog Her Library Adventures is having a Pyrex Party and I just couldn't resist joining in on the fun!
While it is indeed super-duper-extreme-crazy-crunch-time here in Victory Garden Yarn Land--getting ready for the holidays & three December craft shows & such--the boyfriend and I have managed to snag a few rather amazing pieces of Pyrex during our weekend escapades!  Luckily, quite a few of my pre-show to-dos involve hunting down vintage goodies to use in more booth spiffity-upping, so trips to the thrifts are still happening...and, technically, I'm working while thrifting...I love that!

Upon arriving home from the craft show that really wasn't, boyfriend had the most perfect things to lift my spirits: a teensy, tiny Friendship mixing bowl and a grand, lovely Daisy cinderella mixing bowl!  We previously owned only one piece of each pattern so the fact that he found these both on the same day was pretty incredible!  In all of the Pyrex that we own, you'd think we we would have found more than one of each pattern, but no...

I unearthed these extra large round serving platters all at the same thrift shop, all on different shelves.  I dream of having enough of these to some day use as ridiculously over-sized dinner plates-I think they would be the perfect thing for a kitschy, crazy dinner party!
And a note for those who think there are only pink dinner sets: there is a red out there, too!  I know a lot of people think there is only a red or only a pink: not true!  You can see in the photographs above that there is indeed a difference between the two.  And some day I will own full sets of both...tee hee!

And now these two pieces leave me a bit speechless...well, perhaps not: while mumsy was here visiting after the dreaded craft show mentioned above, she was peeking at my Pyrex shelves while I was telling tales of our recent acquisitions, and I very excitedly brought out the small Balloons bowl we found on my birthday.  Mumsy promptly ooohed and aaahed and threatened to smuggle it into her luggage and back home to live in her kitchen.  I said oh no you don't!, she laughed, and we went on about our business; business that involved a visit to antique heaven, otherwise known as Snohomish, Washington.  Apparently my mom is a good luck charm when it comes to finding amazing Pyrex, because while I was busy looking down along the ground, she looked up--waaaay up--and from behind me I heard the most magical of words: uhm, Anna?  Is that a Balloons bowl...?  And oh my goodness, friends, it was!  My first thought was, oh, I bet it's Butterprint; common mistake.  But as I turned around and walked toward her I saw that there were indeed adorable little flying machines and suns and moons all over it!  And it was the large bowl in the chip and dip set, the one we needed.  Needless to say, mumsy thought I needed a consolation prize after the dud craft show and I certainly did not argue with her!

Boyfriend had amazing luck and found the black Gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowl on one of his solo thrift excursions.  Yet another pattern we regularly see in horrid shape and actually didn't own...until now!

This past weekend brought us good luck as well!  A thrift shop where we had previously seen sixteen dove grey Pyrex teacups and saucers was having a sale...and these babies were a part of it!  Still a teensy bit steep on sale--$2 per cup & saucer set--we decided to only bring home the four shiniest.  I really don't think these were ever used; they look brand new!

If you have a Pyrex collection of your own and would like to join the party, just click on the button below and have a ball!


Now I think it might be time to make a cup of tea and have a bite of brownie...
Party on, Pyrex people!


  1. I was so looking forward to a post from you & I am not disappointed! Such great pieces! I LOVE your new gray dishes! I would snatch those up in a heartbeat! I have them in pink but would love turquoise or gray now. :)

  2. You sure found some great pieces. Haven't seen the balloon one anywhere. So fortunate you have two.
    Karen G


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