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Hello friends! I thought I would take a small break from my craft show preparations (spray-painting mannequin heads, frantically finalizing a new design, knitting giant i-cord for some wooden dowels...the usual) to finally share two new Granny Hoops with you!
I previewed these two beauties at the show I did in October and they both received a lot of attention.  Even though attendance at that particular show was incredibly low, I had these pretties on the back wall of my booth and so many of the (very few) people wandering the show had nice comments to share about them.  Definitely eye-catching!

Hoop No. 40 and Hoop No. 41 both belong to the Black and Tan family of Granny Hoops, which you can see pictured above.  So many people who comment on this particular color family like it because it feels modern yet still textural and earthy.  I think these hoops would look amazing on a dark charcoal wall, or even something bright like a crimson wall!

If you're not familiar with my Granny Hoops, here is the lowdown:
First I rescue good quality wooden embroidery hoops from thrift stores.  Why thrift stores?  To be perfectly honest, the embroidery hoops you find new at craft stores are downright flimsy.  They splinter when you handle them (ow!), and crack to high heaven during the final phase of making these hoops.  Embroidery hoops I find in thrift stores are an entirely different story: strong and sturdy!  I exercise a bit of quality control when picking through the (usually few) hoops I find, but so often I find hoops that appear unused and sometimes even old enough to have lovely decorative turn keys still intact.  Bonus!
After rescuing the empty hoops, I bring them home where I crochet motifs I have designed to fit each particular size of hoop.  I then attach the motif to the hoop, do all the pesky finishing like weaving in the ends and making sure the motif is stretched properly and centered, and then voila, I have a Granny Hoop!

What I like about my hoops is that even though the designs are certainly not as complicated as making an intricate lace doily, by using chunkier yarn and playing with color, you end up with something incredibly striking in it's simplicity.  The hoops can be displayed together as a color family on a wall as you can see above, or alongside your favorite graphic print or kitschy thrift store find and fit right in.

All of my gorgeously hued Granny Hoops can be seen right here in my Etsy shop!
And with the holidays approaching, don't forget about their festive cousins, the Atomic Christmas Ornaments!

I do hope you are all staying cozy and warm during this week of Thanksgiving here in the states!
It is on rainy, windy, soaking days like these that I am thankful I have a bounty of rain gear and a cozy apartment to stay in to do my work.

**Oh, and speaking of holidays, the cutoff for all holiday orders is in two weeks: Tuesday, December 6th!  If you are thinking about ordering anything from me (yay!) and would like it to arrive in time for Christmas, please get your order in by Tuesday, December 6th!  Since I will be on the road for a good chunk of December, no orders will be going out between December 6th and December 19th.  My online shop will remain open during this time but no orders will be shipped!  Thanks for understanding!**

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  1. You have been busy! Looking good, I hope the christmas shows bring you lots and lots of sales and fun!


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