Wednesday Women 11.23.11

Greetings, friends!  I've been holding on to this little photo of my mother as a toddler for quite some time now, just waiting for this Wednesday before Thanksgiving to roll around!
Mildly politically incorrect: yes.  Incredibly cute: double yes!
Apparently someone with a wry sense of humor thought it would be funny to dress my wee little mother in a rather fanciful feather headdress in honor of the greatest of foodie holidays, Thanksgiving.
Entirely appropriate, since my great love of food was given to me by the very person in this photo.  And for that I am incredibly thankful.

I am also thankful for a great many other things lately: the fact that I get to spend this delicious holiday with friends I see far too infrequently; the fact that even though my first of three holiday craft shows is in a mere one and half weeks (gulp), I am actually managing to breathe normally; the fact that I was lucky enough to be accepted into three holiday craft shows is pretty amazing to begin with; there are just so many things to be thankful for!

My spinach dip, maple whipped yams, and tasty stuffed mushrooms have all been assembled, placed in choice pieces of Pyrex, and are patiently waiting in the icebox until tomorrow's festivities begin.
Of course I couldn't forget to thank all of you dear readers before I sign off for the evening--without you, I would have far less smiles during my quiet days working here at home, so for those smiles I thank you all!

I am wishing you all a very restful and pleasant holiday weekend, surrounded by delicious food and loved ones!

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  1. Awesome photo! Perfect for Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful holiday. Your food sounds delicious.


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