Round One: Urban Craft Uprising!

Greetings, friends!  Did you forget about me?  Because I certainly didn't forget about you!  These past two weeks have been a whirlwind of work, late nights, heavy lifting, pattern finalization & rapid production, and a whole lot of FUN!  I knew signing up for 3 craft shows in 3 weeks was going to be a challenge, but I am so glad I accepted it.  Along with juggling holiday Etsy orders and keeping the amazing local Seattle store {far4} supplied with cozies, I honestly had no idea how this would all shake out, but so far so good!  My hands aren't sore, my fingers are still working at a swift pace, and I am being a good girl and trying very hard to keep my energy level up up up--since I still have two more shows to get through!

The response this past weekend at Urban Craft Uprising here in Seattle was completely overwhelming.  Honestly, our faces still hurt from smiling, laughing, and talking with so many amazing people who were just so nice and generous and simply happy to be in our booth trying on my cozy goodies.  
There were GOBS of really wonderful people who were just so excited about the things I make, I'm still in disbelief.  But it was a good reminder of why I do all this work!  To put smiles on faces, keep necks warm, and remind people that there are real humans behind the things they buy.

I did manage to sneak in a few camera and Instagram pictures of our wonderful weekend and thought I would share!

Hm.  One of my mannequins appears to need another coat of paint... 

Almost had a meltdown when I arrived for setup, because that giant concrete pillar was simply not on the map...but was in my booth!  An hour or so of fritting and fretting over how to arrange my walls, tables, and racks was time well spent, because I was quite happy with the end result!

The intrepid crafter and her trusty booth helper/Skipjack Cowl male model at the end of Day 1!

The new Snowdrop Cowls were the hit of the show!  That table was looking mighty sparse by the time we broke down Sunday evening and it is a very good thing that I actually had some complimentary yarn colors left here at home, because I am running out of yarn!

You may espy something new and (if I do say) ridiculously cute atop the mannequin heads in these photographs...The Cosy Rosie!  She'll be photographed and in my shop in January and I think you're all going to love her!  I wore mine for both days of the show and I must say, it is so cute and so cozy.

These three lovely ladies all went home with a Wisteria Wrap of their very own!  Since the Wisteria Wrap was introduced to the world just as the weather was starting to warm, it really hasn't had a chance to get much exposure.  But there were so many people who just walked right up to the rack and wanted to wrap one around them, curl up in a corner, and go to sleep.  And I don't blame them: it really feels like wearing a blanket!

And of course, the show eventually came to an end.  It all looks so sad when it's packed up (that's not even the half of it, actually) but in two days we will be setting it all back up again in Portland!  And then again in San Francisco! step at a time...

I'll be on the road, here, there, and everywhere, so I will wish you all a happy and cozy holiday season now in the off chance that I don't have time to pop in here before the holidays are over!  I'll be back at some point with more photographs of this crazy journey I'll be on!

Stay cozy,

P.S.  I am no longer accepting holiday orders in my online shop but it is still open.  If you place any orders between now and Christmas, your order will not ship until after Christmas.  Sorry for any inconvenience but once again, I'll be on the road and unable to ship!

P.P.S.  Portlanders! Crafty Wonderland is this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center.  I've never done the show but I hear it is insane--250 vendors!  Stop by and say hi!

P.P.S.S.  San Franciscans!  Renegade Craft's Holiday Fair is next weekend, Dec. 17&18, at the Concourse Exhibition Center.  It was a blast last year and I'm sure it will be even more fun this year, come check it out!

P.P.P.S.S.  Okay, almost done: I know it's Wednesday and I should be posting an awesome vintage photograph, but I am running out of time and had to prioritize!  As always, if you'd like to see your favorite vintage photograph of an inspirational woman featured here on my blog, click here and send one in!

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  1. Congrats on such a great show! Getting that much feedback is so wonderful. I hope that your other shows are just as successful! Best of luck with your other Christmas endeavors and other projects, too.


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