Blog? What blog?

Wow.  When I told myself I was giving myself a little vacation in January, I had no idea I would end up ignoring my little blog for over a month!  Goodness, has it really been that long since I've sat down at my computer and chatted with you all?!  I feel like the past two months have gone by so quickly, yet so much has happened!  I'm not quite sure where to start...let's see, when I last checked in, I was finished with the Urban Craft Uprising show here in Seattle, getting ready to shove off for shows in Oregon and California...I guess that's as good a place as any to get started!

My epic 2.5 week road trip from Seattle to Portland to San Francisco and all the way back started out with clear, sunny skies and gummy bears on the open road.  My trusty sidekick was kind enough to accompany me down to the Rose City for the Crafty Wonderland show, and I am so glad he was there: rumours of Portlanders being stingy at craft shows were totally blown out of the water and we were slammed.  So slammed, in fact, that my four bags of product I came in with ended up being one bag of product on the way out!  Boyfriend skipped town and headed back North via rail, while I tore down, packed up, and rested up for an epic solo drive South the next day...

Apprehensive about Winter weather on the passes between Oregon and California, I got almost no sleep the night before my trek.  So I did something very uncharacteristic for me and started my journey at 5:30 in the morning, oy!  Watching the sun rise somewhere over Central Oregon, fog and frost lining the highway, a pair of bald eagles dipping and diving alongside the road, I knew my early morning decision was a good one.
I made my way over the border and into California with the sun high above me, clear skies, and a stellar view of Mount Shasta.
The next week was a complete and utter blur.  I worked 15+ hours a day for four days straight, knitting and crocheting to try and build up my inventory before the Renegade Craft Show in San Francisco...and even with all that finger-crackin' work, I still didn't feel comfortable with my inventory!  But the show turned out amazingly well.  I found that as I travelled down the coast and Christmas became nearer, I was selling more and more scarves, cowls, and hoops!  Boyfriend had flown down to visit family and help me with the show.  We had helpers when it came time to pack up our booth on the last day.  We immediately drove off and had a delightful dinner with good friends and family.  And then...

...we came out of the restaurant to find that our car had been broken into, boyfriend's overnight bag missing along with my (thankfully empty) cash box, and a window broken.
Not. Cool. People.
I could go into the details & feelings & so on, but I really don't want to go there.  What I will say is that it could have been SO much worse.  What the idiots didn't see when they so quickly broke my window and grabbed what they could, was my computer bag--complete with computer, camera, and ipod--hiding under my coat.  I also could have been a ninny and left my cash in my cash box, but oh ho! it was not there.
Thieves, if you looked at my business card and are now reading this: I hope you choke on the two rolls of change I had in there.
Moving right along...

After recovering from our unfortunate event and making the rounds to visit each and every friend and family member in the greater Bay Area (and that's a really long list!) boyfriend and I began our trek back North, making a stop in our old college stomping grounds in Northern California.

We haven't been back to Arcata, California, since we moved away almost 8 years ago, and spending a few gloriously sunny days (rare in the month of December) roaming the tiny town, empty campus, and favorite beaches was a nice reward after working so hard at all the craft shows.

We came home just in time to have a quiet, cozy Christmas here in our pokey little apartment.  We listened to records, I knit like a madwoman to replace a pair of mitts & a hat that were both in boyfriend's stolen bag (harumph), we ate and ate and ate, and boyfriend gave me a fantabulous gift: a vintage paint-by-numbers version of The Last Supper!

We rang in the new year with more records and fireworks lighting up the Space Needle.
We found a new mug to add to our Pyrex mug collection, and I hesitantly began re-organizing nooks and crannies of our apartment--with Pyrex, of course--which led to...

...complete and utter chaos.  I had already decided that after the shows I was giving myself a brief vacation, then I was going to work on making myself a workspace in this tiny little apartment.  Unfortunately for us, doing that meant sifting through, purging, and reorganizing every single belonging in this space.  And good grief, for such a tiny space, neither of us are still quite sure how we fit so much in it!  We have opened up every cupboard and closet, pulled things out from under, behind, on top of, and within all our hidden storage spaces, and made a decision on whether to keep each and every item.
It has been exhausting.
We still have piles of things to sell, put away, and deal with, but there is a speck of light at the end of this tunnel: I now have a desk (currently covered in all sorts of whatnots), dedicated product storage space, and a happier living space.

Then this past week the snow came to Seattle, a bit later and a bit longer than originally predicted, but still a welcome and beautiful sight.  Boyfriend had to skip town for work, so I hunkered down and hibernated in my kitchen for an entire week.  I drank gallons of hot liquids, worked on tidying small corners of our apartment, reacquainted myself with some old knitting projects, spent an entire day sifting through &thinning out my collection of vintage & new pattern magazines, and ate a lot of cookies.

Someday soon I will be showing you photos of my shiny and new workspace, our rearranged kitchen, and hey, even a new product for my Etsy shop!  But in the meantime, I do hope you have all had a busy and productive start to your new year--I know I have!


  1. Welcome back! Congrats on all of your craft show success- looks like you got quite a few amazing things packed in to the past few months (minus that bit about the car :( )
    Love the photo of your pyrex chaos!

  2. Wow sounds like the fairs were quite a success! So sorry about the break in though.

    I'm in the process of moving and shocked by how much I own! I don't know how I'll do it. :(

  3. Your photography is just astounding! I always seem to get a burst of inspiration and creative energy after reading your blog (and studying each lovely picture!). Thanks a bunch and please keep 'em coming!


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