Just a peek...

Amid piles of business papers, stacks of books, heaps of yarn, and towers of Pyrex we are (gulp) parting with (more on that soon), we have managed to mostly finish one new little corner of our kitchen: our new coffee station!   You may remember this petite Formica table as our former bar table, but she has been moved, cleaned, and transformed into a rather lovely little corner coffee station.  

Our kitchen is slowly undergoing transformation and will emerge with vintage paint-by-numbers-covered walls.  We attempted to hang more last night but our hunger got the best of us and we both had to throw our hands up in the air and admit defeat before we started cracking paintings in half over our knees.

I think I've worked up the gumption to edit product photos of something new and quite cute for my little shop.  I shall report back soon with something pretty to share with you all!  I do hope you'll like it...

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