New in the Shop: The Cosy Rosie!

Hi friends!  I am so ridiculously excited to announce the arrival of the newest hand knit accessory in my little corner shop! (Okay, so it's not a cute little corner shop--it's an online shop--but let's just pretend for a moment, shall we?)

Introducing...The Cosy Rosie Earwarmer!  Ta dah!
If you happened to visit us at any of the jam-packed craft fairs we did in December, you may have espied a certain yarn wrangler sporting a Cosy Rosie of her very own.  And if she was shouting and leaning in close when she was talking with you, she does apologize profusely, for the Cosy Rosie is just that cozy.  It muffles a bit of sound, blocks out pesky wind, and serves the very practical purpose of keeping your ears warm while looking chic-as-can-be.

It's one part glamorous-1940's-inspired-turban, one part apres-ski-chic-headband, and all parts adorable.  If I do say.

The Cosy Rosie wraps comfortably around your head & ears and ties under your hair with braided ties. She's one size fits all but don't fret if your head is on the small or large side of things: boyfriend and I are the perfect representations of that predicament.  I have a bobble head (and a lot of fluffy hair) and boyfriend has a pin head (and super short hair), and it fits us both just fine.  
(Yes, I forced boyfriend to try this on for sizing purposes--many many times.  The end result: it fits anyone but this one is definitely not one for the boys!)
The wide design of the Cosy Rosie allows for complete ear coverage when worn forward on the hairline, so no delicate ear bits will be exposed to the elements.  This was actually key for me when designing this: I absolutely did not want to design a chunky, cozy headband/earwarmer that didn't actually function as an ear warmer.

The best part is that like all the other chunky accessories in my shop, the Cosy Rosie comes in 25 glorious shades of color!  I'm quite partial to the Winter white Fisherman you see in these photos, but it honestly looks good in any color.

A bit about the design process:
 The Cosy Rosie was an idea hatched in my head mere weeks before my month of craft shows began last December.  I'd been wanting to design a bit of head wear for a long time and what better way to test out new products than with a captive audience at a craft show?  So I furiously sketched, cast-on, knit, ripped out, cast-on again, knit, finished, wore around the house, decided it wasn't quite right, etc. etc. etc., until I had it just where I wanted it.
And I madly knit up and finished only a dozen of these gals in the 48 hours before Urban Craft Uprising began.  Boyfriend gallantly stayed up with me until 1am the night before the first day of the show, cheering me on as I babbled and braided the last of the ties.

So what's in a name?
 I actually can't take any credit for the name on this one! Save the oddly aesthetic change of the 'z' to an 's' in 'cosy'. (It had to match the 'Rosie', okay?  I'm just weird like that...)  I frustratingly complained on a social media outlet that I was having a terrible time naming my new product and a very good friend came to my rescue!  After posting a snapshot of myself wearing the new item, a few people exclaimed I looked a bit like Rosie the Riveter, thus resulting in my friend's rather appropriate name suggestion.  I quite like it, don't you?

To celebrate the arrival of the Cosy Rosie, I am offering FREE SHIPPING on any and all Domestic U.S. orders through this coming Monday, February 6th!  So you can order anything you like from my little corner shop and it will all ship for free!
Just use coupon code RATHERCOSY at checkout to receive your shipping discount!

I do hope you all like my new little design.  This is the most complicated thing I have ever designed so I am a bit puffed and proud of it!  And it felt rather good to use some of my neglected & technical knitting skills I haven't used in a while.

Stay cozy! (Er, cosy?)


  1. Lovely design! I really like the width and the tie at the bottom. It looks so warm!

    1. Thank you SO much Courtney! It is super duper warm, especially when it's crazy windy! <3

  2. Oh my gosh, I am going to buy one RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Oh goodness, and you did?!?!! I'm so honored, truly! I think it will look quite smashing on you... :D

  3. Ahhh I love it!! I wish I could pull off headbands...I have a weird shaped head haha.

    1. Aw, thanks Ly! So glad you like it! Since it's not a traditional headband, but ties in the back under your hair...maybe it could work?! I just peeked at your blog--love it! ;)



    1. Thank you for your kind words, Alicia! It is most definitely a warm little piece of head-wear. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


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