My Instant Life: Hello California!

Hello friends! Goodness, I think I forgot to tell you I was taking a sojourn South...yes, I do believe I did forget.  Well, now you know why I haven't been popping in with words & pictures lately!  Silly me.

Something that has been lurking on my 'life to-do list' for quite some time now is to head two states down to mumsy's house, and finally, completely, and crazily organize & clean out her garage & storage room.  My visits home generally last the length of an extended weekend, but I knew this task would certainly require more than that.

Once our little apartment re-do and clean-out (almost almost finished...I cannot wait to share photos!) was at a point where I could take a break, and once I recovered from holiday business doings, I decided it was time to head South for three weeks.

Mumsy & I had such grand plans of sweeping in, tidying up, having a yard sale, and then having a bit of time to futz.  I even brought along my trusty camera, which I have been sorely neglecting these past few months.  (He is getting rather jealous of my fancy phone...)  Sun-tinged daydreams of country drives & foothill wanders, getting reacquainted with my little lens...this is exactly what I had in mind.

Unfortunately, life always seems to get in the way and once I got down there I learned that the little lady who works at the family health food store was to have immediate & unavoidable surgery that would keep her from working...the entire time I was visiting.

Obviously one cannot get upset by such things, as they are out of our hands.  So I made the best of it and cheerily tidied, cleaned, and rearranged entire sections of the health food store.  A bit of fun was had here & there when mumsy and I weren't working our tails off at the store.  And we did tackle a small corner of home organization, which felt incredibly satisfying.

We did, of course, manage to squeeze in a few minutes of antiquing...

I have decided all road trips to California require a photo of Mount Shasta, from a particular viewpoint along I-5
I really & truly forgot what the sun looked like

Somewhere along I-5, central California, driving through 60mph wind gusts

Sights near an uncle's abode. Horses & rainclouds & gardens galore!

I always giggle when people ask me Isn't the Central Valley just  Yes. Yes, it is. Until you run into the mountains.
A visit to a candy store, a kitty sitting pretty, a colorful carnival, and faux flower market

One cannot complain about work when it involves banana chips & an antique scale

Brunch (in Fire King, of course), one of my typical spray painting projects, the spoils of a good day, and a very strange (but oh-so-fabulous) family heirloom unearthed in the garage

A late holiday gift from mumsy: bravo to her for finding this one on her own!

A few favorite Central Valley antique haunts...and their spoils.
I brought back so many pieces of Pyrex. I have so many little around-the-house projects I want to share with you. I even have some recipes I want to whip up and photograph for you. I just need to hurdle my (gulp) taxes, and remember what regular blogging feels like.

It will happen.  Eventually.

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  1. It was great to see you. So glad you were able to spend more than a weekend. Love your happy attitude even when you have to change your plans. Genel

  2. Gorgeous photos! Looks like you had an amazing time! You know what is SO funny... I have that striped bowl! That same exact one! How crazy is that? =)

    1. NO way?! That is not an easy piece of Pyrex to find, lucky you! I'm currently plotting to eat ice cream out of it all Summer...the stripes just make me think of ice cream for some reason! :)


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