DIY - How to Paint a Bulletin Board

Hello friends! If you've been following along here on my blog for the past few months, you've probably caught wind of the major apartment re-do happening around here. Our end goal was to pare down our belongings enough so that I could finally(!) have my own home office & studio space. Sure, it's just one wall of our living room, but one wall is certainly better than no wall at'all! Setting up a workspace in the one & only living space in a (rather small) one-bedroom apartment definitely presents challenges--one being aesthetics. There are particular aspects of offices that I simply don't want to stare at all day, working or relaxing on my couch at the end of the a boring old brown bulletin board!

Here are some simple DIY instructions on how you can take a plain old bulletin board & give it a breath of fancy, fresh, new life!

  1. Sand down the frame of your bulletin board if it is coated in old paint or varnish.  This will help your paint adhere better in the long run.  With a damp cloth, wipe down any residue left behind.  Let dry a few minutes.
  2. With your paint brush, apply a coat of acrylic craft paint to the cork surface of your bulletin board.  I chose white for my cork background for a fresh, bright punch of light!  (If you are painting the cork of your bulletin board a color other than white, you might want to place tape around the inner edge of your frame so you don't get your acrylic paint on the frame. Since I was eventually going to spray white primer onto my frame, I didn't bother to tape it, but was just extra careful.)
  3. Let your acrylic paint dry about 45-60 minutes, then apply another coat. Cork is extremely porous & will absorb quite a bit of the paint you apply so keep painting & waiting until you have applied 4-5 coats of acrylic paint, or until you like how the new surface of your bulletin board looks!  Let the paint dry for at least a day or two before you move on to painting the frame.
  4. When you are ready to paint your frame, take a piece of paper slightly larger than your bulletin board (such as an old paper bag) and cut or fold the edges so it is slightly smaller than the painted cork surface of your bulletin board. Using masking or painting tape, tape the paper down to completely cover the cork--but be careful not to place tape on your frame since you will be painting it! 
  5. Spray the frame with primer & let dry.
  6. Spray the primed frame with the paint color of your choice & let dry.  Continue until you like the color & paint saturation.  Let dry for about 24 hours.
  7. Once your frame is completely dry, carefully remove the tape & paper from your cork surface (I used blue painters tape & not a single bit of white paint from the cork surface came off!)

When you are all done, you should have a bright, shiny, new bulletin board to match your surroundings!  I use mine on my office wall to pin up important business cards, to-do lists, magazine clippings (hair-spiration at the moment), important tidbits I need to look at on a regular basis (like a quick reference for package weights & sizes when I am shipping items from my Etsy shop!), and pretty things.  Since all the major components of my office are white or grey, I painted my bulletin board to match.

The next time you find a holey, boring old bulletin board at a thrift store or in your basement, don't overlook it--give it a paint job & start using it!

*The dry-erase, wall decal calendar from Simple Shapes can be found here.
*The photos in my photo garland are prints of my Instagrams, which I ordered through PostalPix.
*And in case you were wondering: the Granny Hoop pinned to my bulletin board can be found in my Etsy shop, right here!


  1. Looks great. Glad you got it figured out. I love it when you have an idea and it actually works.

  2. Great idea - looks easy to do and the end result is a really pretty bulletin board.

  3. Thanks for the info! My kids and I will be painting our bulletin board today! Using it to display their artwork, etc. Love your pretty site!

    1. Hi Megan, thanks for coming by my blog! I'm so happy my post was helpful to you--I'm still loving my painted bulletin board, so I hope you all love your finished product, too!


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