Pyrex I have loved.

Pyrex I have loved from afar...until now.  Welcome to the family, new friends!  We don't have much in the way of extra room on our shelves, but at least things tend to stack nicely, when asked politely.

These finds came from various antique stores located in the Central Valley of California.  I normally don't shop in antique stores for Pyrex, simply because the prices are consistently bloated beyond belief.  But I find I have rather good luck finding rare pieces at my usual haunts when visiting my family.  And since most of the places we pop into on our antique rounds are simply giant antique malls, they often have store-wide sales, which definitely helps.
The pieces in the photographs above have been collected over the past two years, either by my mom on solo antique adventures (armed with her ancient cell phone so she can call me and ask 'what's the one with all the stripes called again? Do y'want it?'), or on my quick visits home.  Since I normally travel on an airplane to visit family, I have to sadly leave any Pyrex I find with my mom.  But on this last jaunt home, I drove!  The intention in driving was to take my mom a few pieces of furniture I'm not using anymore...which meant I had a nearly empty vehicle on my drive back up.
Fill 'er up with Pyrex!

I really thought we would never find any Gooseberry fridgies, an aqua fridgie (still swoony from that little find), Terra mugs, anything in the way of Desert Dawn--yellow or pink, Stripes, Arches, pristine Snowflakes...

Need I say more?

What amazing vintage scores have you brought home with you lately?  I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I also love Pyrex! The colours and drawings are so wonderful. You must have been full of delight, driving up to your mother's house, knowing you would bring all these treasures home :)

  2. The MOD Kitchen piece is at the tippy top of my wishlist! Lucky you!

  3. Really great Pyrex you have there!! I know you were happy driving to your Mom's and knowing what you were bringing back! :)

  4. these are some great pieces - and you have two of my favorite pieces in my collection - the mod kitchen & designs, they make me oh so happy! love your blog - look forward to reading more!

  5. They're all so beautiful! Love your blog!

  6. I've got quite the taste for vintage Pyrex as well. It seems it's not "the thing" here in Lousiville, KY, so I scoop up all I can.


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