Steamboat Rock, Polaroids, August 2012

A month ago I completed 31 revolutions around the sun and began my 32nd year in orbit.  To celebrate my accomplishment, I desperately wanted to hop in the car and drive somewhere hot, dry, and dusty; even if only for a day or two.  Eastern Washington is the closest place to experience an honest Summer in this neck of the woods, so we set out on a last minute journey over the mountains.  We camped at Steamboat Rock--which is quickly becoming one of my most favorite places (even with all 34 mosquito bites I came home with), swam in Banks Lake, ate cheese-oozing burgers at roadside joints, stopped in at every dinky thrift & antique store we came across, woke in the middle of the night to wildfire flames on a nearby hilltop, swam in Soap Lake (which feels like a Russian resort straight out of 1955--seriously, there were samovars on picnic tables, at the lake), and remembered what it felt like to be hot.  Genuinely toasty.

But most importantly, we only took photos with one Polaroid camera and one film camera.  My roll of film hasn't quite been used up, and now I don't remember what I photographed, but that's always the beauty of film, isn't it?  Surprise.  For now, I thought I would share with you a few Polaroids which were snapped by one of the two of us.

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