Let The Sun Shine In.

October. It is the first of October, yet there is unabashedly garish sunlight streaming through my bedroom window in the afternoon. There are still sailboats passing through the small pieces of Puget Sound I am lucky enough to see out my kitchen windows. I am still watering the rose geraniums on my fire escape, for there have been no rain drops to speak of over the past few months. I will admit, this is one of the stranger Summer-into-Fall transitions I have ever experienced here in the Pacific Northwest...although who could argue with it? It's just plain beautiful.

Even though my eyes are telling me it's Summer, my brain knows better. I still have the urge to sit down and quickly hand-wind wool; begin a long overdue sweater for myself; tell myself it's okay not to do work into the evenings and maybe not even on the weekends, but to switch gears and knit something for me, just me. My brain knows that the first of October means I only have two full months of time to make an incredibly large amount of things for the craft shows I know are coming. But this year will be different. This year I will slow down. I will not ignore the small daily activities that make life so wonderful, just because I have a (sometimes oppressive) deadline to meet. I will still wake up too early and stay up too late some days, going to bed with crossed-eyes and tired hands. But I will tell myself it is okay if I don't get a Wisteria Wrap made in that one color I meant to make it in this year-I am the only person who will notice. This year will be different, easier, better. And I am so ready for it.
xo, Anna

**The poster you see a mirror-image of above was made by an incredibly sweet husband and wife duo, Slide Sideways, who are located here in the PNW. Their 'Let the Sun Shine In' poster along with the rest of their amazing work can be found here.**


  1. I'm feeling the oppressive deadlines too! It is starting to feel like sock weather here in New England. In fact I just picked up some lovely sock yarn - I hope you decide to make something just for you this fall.

    1. Thanks Amanda! I've been going through my yarn stash, planning out some projects to do on my 'vacation' after all these craft shows! I just need to look past the deadlines and remember the light at the end of the tunnel. ;)


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